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Linwood Online Estate Auction

Linwood, MI

Starts Ending Monday Sept. 28,

at 8:00 pm

Linwood Online Estate Auction
Auction starts ending Monday Sept. 28, at 8:00 pm
Pick Up will be
Tuesday Sept. 29, Noon to 7:00 pm
15 S. Elevator Rd
Linwood, MI 48634

Complete Estate was moved to Linwood Storage and will be picked up there.
Unit number will be on your invoice when the auction ends
After selling their house all contents were moved to Linwood storage.  At least a hundred totes full of just about everything. Nice Furniture, Couch, Chairs, Beautiful Antique Tables, Covered Kitchen Chairs, Honda Generator, Tons of Fall Decorations, Christmas Decorations, all Holiday Decorations, Pans, Dishes, just about everything you'd find in a house. Everything is clean and in nice condition. Didn't see any animal hair or signs of cigarette smoke. Most everything was left in the totes they were stored in. Remember totes are included in lots. Lots of  surprises in this one. This is not the normal estate auctions we usually do, so look at the pictures close. 


Huey Online Estate Auction


Starts Ending Thursday Oct. 8, 

8:00 pm

Huey Family home in Midland has sold and will be moving to a condo. Most everything will be sold in the online auction. Auctions starts ending on Thursday October 8th at 8:00 pm

Pick up will be:

Friday October 9th from 11 am to 7pm

1702 Hicks Rd Midland, MI 48642

This auction will be loaded with great stuff! Musical Instruments, Records, Antiques, Vintage Musical Items, Tools, Vintage Camera's, Furniture, Household, Garage items, Outdoor Furniture. This will be one you won't want to miss! Will be up and running by Sept. 24th. 


Beer Mirror Collection Online Auction

working on this auction

This Online Auction will be a nice Beer Mirror Collection along with similar type items. More info as everything is cataloged. 

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